One Drop for iPhone & Apple Watch is a dashboard & community for managing diabetes

Just downloaded this app and it definitely has potential. The health tracking of this combined with Apple’s HealthKit are definitely going to change how diabetics use technology!


First Time at PAX East

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CN2: Central Nerd Network

My first experience at PAX was better than expected.  I walked into the convention center expecting it to be some booths with games from major studios, and some indie games with the board games in the back.  Holy cow was I wrong!

PAX East Expo Hall Panoramic of the 2015 PAX East Expo Hall

The first thing I see is thousands of people lined up to get into the Expo Hall.  That alone was a surprise.  The amount of companies and developers there was absolutely amazing.  I got a chance to preview some of the games I was thinking about purchasing later in the year (State of Decay, Battlefield) but sadly due to the massive four hour wait, I did not get a chance to preview the Overwatch game which everyone at PAX seemed to enjoy.

The panels were very informative and being able to meet some of the people behind some of my…

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